Dope as video games and more. 

This started as a hobby and has grown as I enjoy sharing my passion for the latest open source retro gaming devices. 

Check out my other associated stores on eBay and Etsy if you feel more comfortable shopping on those platforms. 


Why not just order from Amazon or Aliexpress? 

All my items are shipped from the USA, which ensures faster delivery and a smoother shopping experience. I also test them before shipping and load them with custom firmware on high quality genuine SD cards. This means your device is ready to play and you can get the most out of it without any hassle. Other sellers drop ship from China with 4 week+ delivery and do not provide the latest ready-to-play software.  


Payments and your private data

This site uses online store plugins to manage credit card payments directly through Stripe, PayPal and Apple Pay.  I have no access to your personal information that is not stored on this site.